Take a look inside Pamper and Pose Party HQ

It’s a couple of months now since Pamper and Pose moved into our shiny new party HQ, Studio G in Oldham, and we’ve pretty much got everything set up how we want it now. So I thought it was time for a bit of a virtual guided tour.

We have a separate reception room where we have hot and cold drinks available, included with all the parties. But we also set up food in there for those who want to book it. We have a round table to seat four for our more intimate tea parties, or we can set up an additional 6ft long table for larger parties.

Gabi -1008 Gabi -1016 Gabrielle-2102Gabi -1006




Next door to the reception room is our photographic studio, totalling 300sq ft and mostly painted in white. We have a brightly lit and well equipped makeover area with a large mirror and room for a makeup artist and a hair stylist to work together.


At the back of the studio we have a cosy seating area with two sofas, where the girls can sit while they are waiting for their turn for makeup or to be photographed.



The main photography area is painted completely white and is ideal for high key portraits and large enough that we have easily been able to photograph ten girls lying down in a row.


We do have an expanding range of coloured and patterned backgrounds and floors to use, but we find the crisp white background is by far the most popular for parties. It makes it very easy to photograph groups and allows for a lot of movement, as illustrated in these party images below.

Mia Jane collage-2

Gabrielle-1082-3 Gabrielle-1225-3 Evie-1187 Evie-1214-Edit-2

 Gabi -1026Gabi -1028Gabi -1041

Parties at Studio G start at just £99. See our Pamper Party page for details, or send us a booking enquiry if you have a date in mind. July is already very busy.

Thanks for reading,

Lisa x


A Pamper and Pose Fairy Story

Once upon a time there was a little princess named Grace.


Photograph copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose
Princess Grace


Princess Grace was a quite remarkeable little girl. She was born with Diplegia, a form of Terrible Palsy, as she called it. It affected the nerves and muscles in her legs and meant that Princess Grace had to walk with a frame. But the brave little princess never let her condition hold her back. She was known throughout the kingdom for her amazing smile, her plucky character and her determination to not be seen as different.


The doctors were greatly impressed with Princess Grace’s determination and agreed that she should be accepted for pioneering treatment that would involve two major operations at least three stays in hospital and a massive amount of physiotherapy. Following the first operation Princess Grace returned home with both legs in bright pink plaster casts up to her hips and attached to an A frame.


The courtiers thought that Princess Grace’s bravery ought to be recognised, so they threw a special Pamper and Pose tea party for her.


Photograph copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose
Princess Grace’s Pamper and Pose tea party

Princess Grace, her sisters and her cousins tucked into sandwiches and cakes before gathering round to wait for a surprise that the courtiers had promised.


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

Princess Grace’s face was an absolute picture as the door opened and in walked………


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

Belle! A real life Disney Princess. The children looked on in hushed awe as Belle explained that  news of Princess Grace’s bravery had spread far beyond the kingdom and she wanted to come to see for herself who this brave and beautiful princess was. Belle presented Princess Grace with a special bravery award.


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

She then showed the children how to pose like a princess and chatted to them all before signing Princess Grace’s plaster cast.


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

Afterwards Belle took the children outside to pose for photographs as a memento of their special day.


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

All too soon it was time for Belle to leave. After a quick cuddle with the children she left to find her carriage and return to her own castle.


Photo copyright Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

As for Princess Grace, the children and the courtiers……..well they all lived happily ever after of course!


You too can have Belle at your Pamper and Pose Princess Pamper Party. Full packages will be unveiled very soon, but you can beat the rush by calling Lisa on 0161 300 6224 to discuss your requirements. We can also supply Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Rapunzel for your celebration. With grateful thanks to Princess Impersonations



A Pamper Party fit for a Princess


This is Grace. She is a very special little girl, who also happens to be my niece. She is brave, courageous, loving and funny. She has a lot to put up with, which I won’t go into here, suffice to say that when she asked me if I would do a princess themed pamper party for her fifth birthday I pulled out all the stops.


There wasn’t going to be any running about and dancing at this party, and most of the children attending were quite young, so I came up with some craft activities. The girls, all wearing their best princess dresses, took turns to have their hair styled and a bit of fairy dust applied. While I was doing this the others crowded round the craft table and helped to make a pink canvas collage and some bunting for Grace’s bedroom.


Arts and crafts activities at a Pamper and Pose Princess pamper party

Another table was set up for bracelet making and nail painting and all the girls got to have a go at everything. Then, while the girls were all sat at the table eating the party food, I cleared away and set up the Pamper and Pose photobooth with all my best girly props. Once the food had been finished each girl (and Minigee, who is never one to miss a party) played dress up and had their photographs taken. Here’s just a small selection as I haven’t asked permission to show photos of most of the girls and I never post photographs of children without consent.


photocrati gallery


Pamper and Pose offers parties for little girls of all ages. We can also cater for boys. As well as makeovers and hair styling we can also offer craft activities, jewellery making, temporary tattoos, indoor and outdoor photoshoots and use of our fun photobooth, which can be themed to suit the occasion. Further details are on the parties page of this website.


Find Pamper and Pose on Facebook and Twitter.



Something Beautiful 8/1/13 – A Daughter’s Delight

Today’s Something Beautiful absolutely has to be the look on my daughter’s face this morning when I showed her the party invitations I made for her while she was in bed last night. Her expression of  sheer delight made me feel like Supermum and will definitely be the most beautiful thing I see today, if not all week.


Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand to capture her expression and I won’t be there to watch her excitement as she hands the invitations out to her friends at school. So here’s another picture of her beautiful smile. You’ll have to use your imagination.


My daughter Gabrielle's beautiful smile.

My daughter Gabrielle’s beautiful smile.



I suppose I ought to show you what prompted such early morning delight from her. Here are the party invitations I made.



2013-01-07 22.33.04 2013-01-07 22.50.10













The trouble is that now the party is going to have to live up to the invitations. I hope I haven’t peaked too soon. And me the owner of a party business too. Oops. No pressure there then. The party is in 12 days’ time so for now the details are a secret. Watch out for a full blog post about it afterwards.




Welcome to Pamper and Pose

This is me!

Hello and welcome to the new Pamper and Pose website, the home of my little pampering, photography and parties business. It does what it says on the tin. The website is still very much a work in progress, but I hope I have managed to at least give an overview of the services that I offer.

More detailed information on my photography and examples of my work can be found at my other website, www.lisamariegee.com. I am also on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

A lot of exciting things are in the planning stage at the moment and I will be blogging about them as and when I can. But the most important thing (and the most exciting) is the addition of vintage tea parties to the Pamper and Pose stable of pamper parties. I am working with my partner in crime, Jude Gidney, of Jude Gidney Photography, on developing these and will unveil more details, including our vintage personas, very soon.