Announcing a brand new party format – the jewel in our fairy crown.

Brand new for 2016 we are delighted to announce our unique fairy themed photoshoot packages. At the heart of each of the packages is a photoshoot using fairy props on one or more of our specially built fairy glade sets. We have a fairy door set, a magical woodland and a winter wonderland to choose from. Each of the girls will be given some fairy sparkle makeup before the shoot, and we have enough wings, wands and tiaras for everyone, in case any of the guests don't have their own fairy costumes.





Deluxe Fairy Parties

The jewel in the Pamper and Pose crown, our deluxe fairy party is the ultimate luxury party package that we offer. The party is hosted by our resident fairy, Jently Sparkles, of The Fairy Sanctuary, who will lead the girls in stories, crafts and other fairy themed activities, such as making fairy beds and hotels, that the girls will be able to take home with them as part of a goody bag that also includes a packet of fairy food and bubbles to attract the fairies to your own garden.

The studio will be decorated with fairy themed items, including a fairy postbox so the girls can write letters to the fairies at the Fairy Sanctuary, and a wishing tree for the girls to make a wish and hang ribbons on. The birthday girl will receive a personalised scroll from the fairies, read out to the girls at the party by Jently Sparkles.

After the party, all the photos from the session will be edited and put into a password-protected online gallery from where the girls can download and share their favourites, or parents can order prints if they wish. Enhanced digital art, such as the images below, is available by arrangement, but will incur additional editing costs.

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