Win a Fairy Photoshoot with Pamper and Pose

Fairy Gab

We are introducing new fairy themed photoshoots and to celebrate we are giving away one of the first shoots for FREE. All you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list below. You’ll get bonus entries for sharing this post on social media via the buttons at the bottom of the post.

The winner will be invited to Studio G in Oldham during the next month to take part in a fairy photoshoot and will be given a free A4 mounted print from the shoot.

The small print: You must agree to the photographs being used anonymously to promote Pamper and Pose, Studio G Photography and our themed photoshoots. The shoot must take place before the end of October, at a time to suit both parties. The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 27th September. The winner will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

NB. The observant will notice that our fairy above is missing her wings. She is my footballing tomboy daughter. I was amazed she agreed to put on a pretty dress and pose for me, so I didn’t want to push my luck. THIS below is her more usual style. 🙂

rock chick Gab


I processed another photograph from the shoot this morning and gave her some ‘virtual’ wings. Shhhhh, don’t tell her. 😉



It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument

eve arnold quote

eve arnold quote

The quote above, or the sentiment behind it, is one that is often trotted out by photographers, sometimes in irritation when someone has told us our camera take nice photos. It is a philosphy I have always believed in, and throughout my photography journey I have had it drilled in to me to learn my camera inside out and push it to its limits before you start to worry about what expensive gear everyone else is using.

And it is absolutely true. Although I have had a keen interest in photography since I was a small child, my DSLR journey began with an ancient, second-hand Minolta that I picked up for £30 in a charity shop. Up to that point I had been using a Canon compact (which actually cost a lot more than £30), but from the moment I picked up my Minolta it completely changed my outlook. I was hooked.

I loved that camera, it helped me rediscover the wonders of depth of field and bokeh, all sorts of stuff that I had learned when I studied photography at school, but pushed aside for the convenience of a point and shoot compact. I was photographing my children that rekindled a love of photography that got lost as I pursued a career in journalism and PR

My children seemed to grow and change on a daily basis and capturing that through my lens brought me great joy. But it soon became clear that my trusty old camera, with its 6MP sensor, was just not going to cut it if I wanted to start making large prints. I saved furiously and bought a new enthusiast-level Sony DSLR, which I have used for the last three years or so.

It was the best camera I could afford, being a stay at home mum of two. It didn’t have many whistles and bells, but that has never held me back. I have started and grown my little business using that camera and been proud of the images I have produced. I don’t think most people, looking at my recent work, would have known it was taken with an obsolete camera that is not even worth trading in now. After all, like Eve Arnold said, it’s the photographer, not the camera, that counts.

But there comes a time when that is no longer strictly true. Technology moves on quickly and I reached a point where my camera was limiting my creativity and my ability to work in the way I wanted. So a couple of weeks ago I spent an eye-watering amount of money (to me) on a brand new camera, complete with whistles and bells galore.

What has made the purchase all the more special is not the fact that it will allow me to take my photography and my business to new heights, although that is an exciting prospect. It is the fact that I bought the camera outright and every penny of the cost was earned by me from my photography. It stands not only as the tool of my trade, but as a symbol of the hard work I have put in to developing as a photographer (excuse the pun) and building a business from nothing.

Will it make me a better photographer? I hope so, but only because I am going to put a huge amount if effort into learning how to use all the fancy new functions that haven’t been available to me before now. But it won’t make me see any better. And that, at the end of the day, is what really makes the difference between a good photographer and a not so good one.

Here are a few of the early images I have taken with my new camera.

Announcing Brand New ‘Make Your Own’ Pamper Parties

Handmade skincare by Lisa Marie Gee at Pamper and Pose

This is a very exciting week for Pamper and Pose. I am delighted to announce the launch of a whole new pamper party format – make your own skincare products. I always try to involve the guests at my pamper parties as much as possible, so that they are not just sitting there while I do the pampering. I have done some craft activities with the younger girls, but I wanted a format that was totally interactive, but keeping with the pampering and skincare theme.

Anyone who has followed Pamper and Pose for while will know that I am a big fan of natural cosmetics and skincare products. I make a lot of my own at home, and often post my favourite recipes on my blog. For the last few months I have been experimenting with recipes, refining them and running workshops with friends and family, getting them to make, use and feedback on some of my handmade products. I now have a whole collection of workable recipes for face masks, moisturisers, lip balms, bath salts, exfoliators and massage oils.

SONY DSCFollowing a very successful dry run at the weekend with a lovely group of 11-year-old girls, I am now taking bookings for Make Your Own Skincare parties. These parties can be tailored to suit any age and occasion, making your choice of products. They can be straight-forward Make and Take parties, concentrating on takeaway products such as lip balms and bath products. Alternatively, you might prefer a Spa in Your Kitchen party, where I will show you how to make fresh products, such as face masks, foot scrubs etc, from all natural ingredients. You and your guests can then try them out on each other there and then. You will each also make at least one product to take away and enjoy at home.

To find out more about Pamper and Pose’s new Make Your Own Skincare Parties or book one for yourself give Lisa a call on 0161 300 6224, or email